Which Colors Are Perfect for Your Manicure?

If you’ve ever taken pictures of your hands, especially after a manicure, then you know how the wrong lighting or polish can make them looks unappealing. But do you know that nail polish colors can completely change the appearance of one’s hands?

As one of the most commonly used fashion accessories among women, nail polish can say a lot about one’s personality. Unfortunately, very few women have been able to find the best nail polish colors for their manicure.

Though women often match the color of their nail polish colors to that of their outfit, colors that complement the wearer’s skin tone tend to be more flattering. Playing around with various manicure colors might be a good idea since different colors work best for different skin tones. But how can you identify what color works best for your nails based on your skin tone? Learning how to choose the perfect color for your skin tone is the best solution.

If you’re looking for the most flattering shade for your manicure, here’s a broken down, all-inclusive guide to help you get started.

How to choose the perfect manicure color for your skin tone

Finding the most suitable shade for your skin shouldn’t be that hard. Start by considering the tone of your skin, which in this case means the level of lightness or darkness. Look at the coolness or warmth next. Blue-based nail colors tend to flatter complexions with pink or red undertones while warmer, yellow-based shades work well for complexions with neutral, olive, or golden undertones. But whatever your skin tone, opting for colors that aren’t too immature or neon-like is a good idea. More elegant colors with sharp pigmentation can help give your skin a vivid appearance.

If you don’t know your skin tone, you only need to check the color of your arm under natural light. Do you see blue veins? If you do, you probably have cool undertones. On the other hand, if your veins appear more of a green, chances are you’re warm.

  • Pale skin tones

Pale skin tones are mostly cool, which is why women with lighter skin should try shades with peach, red, pink, pastel and purple undertones. Although dark colors might be amazing, lighter shades have a brightening effect and work better pale skin.

  • Tan skin tones

Tanned skin looks fantastic with warmer colors. Bright shades such as poppy blue, reds, orange, pinks, purples and fuchsia can really accentuate the golden glow. In other words, bright colors work very well on tanned skin. Bright nail polish colors look really well on very dark tanned skin, for achieving this we highly recommend using the best tanning bed lotions for darkest tan possible.

  • Black skin tones

Deep, rich shades suit dark complexions the best. Vibrant purples, burgundy, and plums would look great on black skin. However, fabulous neons can also work well with black skin tones.

  • Olive skin tones

If you have an olive to medium skin tone, such as Asian skin, you are quite lucky because your complexion can pull off almost any shade of nail polish flawlessly. With the exception of rust and gold, olive skin tones can be complemented by anything from dark burgundy and classic red to vibrant pinks, blues, peach and orange. Medium skin tones can vary from a bronzy glow to olive, in which case nudes, wines and dark burgundy shades might be the best options.